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Complete opposite to his co host Sean, 
Jay is best known for being the voice of reason on The Almost A Show Podcast.

Jay was born in California where he would roam the streets at night looking for Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, and Dr Dre, hoping to join some neat club he heard about called "The Bloods".

Quickly, Jay learned that this was a gang, immediately got scared, ran back into his house, packed his bags and bolted north for Seattle, where he fell in love with a non gang leader named Brittany.

Eventually they got sick of all of the rainy Seattle days and packed their cars, went to a store, picked up a Rand McNally map and headed east to Greenville, SC.  To date, they enjoy sitting in and yelling at traffic because let's face it, southerners have no clue how to drive.  

You can find Jay on Twitter and Instagram
Twitter - @TheJayKaz
Instagram - @TheJayKaz


Never shy about his opinion on something, Sean gets a lot of hate emails from listeners of The Almost A Show Podcast.  We have yet to read any of them because let's face it, we need all the listeners we can get.  

Sean was born in the tough streets of South New Jersey.  He used to play on a playground that overlooked Philly, and it was there he dreamed of playing MLB.  In the third grade Sean tried out for baseball, was at bat, was struck by the ball and cried for 3 hours.  

Once he realized he couldn't handle the pressure of playing MLB baseball, he picked up a microphone, and has never looked back.  Sean has 15 years of radio broadcast experience in various formats of radio, and wakes up everyday hoping Ryan Seacrest doesn't take his job.  

When he's not yelling about something into a microphone, he owns a mobile wedding entertainment company, and loves to spend time with his girlfriend Stacy, who is a angel, because if you listen to the show, let's face it, it's hard to put up with Sean sometimes. 

You can find Sean on
Twitter @SeanHatesMath